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2/12/09 The Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (COCSA) has partnered with the SCF to offer educational and screening materials to all Chiropractic State Organizations in the U.S. The Foundation will provide speakers as well as other resources to every state organization to further the Foundations' mission of increased public awareness in regards to non-surgical scoliosis options.



The Parent's Guide to Scoliosis is designed to educate both medical and non-medical professionals on the early signs of Scoliosis.

Scoliosis screening guide

Click here to purchase the Parent's Guide to Scoliosis for your library.


Dr. Marc Lamantia and Dr. Gary Deutchman Present at International Conference at Northeastern University

The 4th Annual International Conference on Conservative Management of Spinal Deformities at Northeastern University.

Scoliosis Vestibular

Scoliosis Conference

Dr. Marc Lamantia presented a report on vestibular involvement in Scoliosis.



The "National Dance Week" Organization Partners with The SCF in Project P.O.D.

Dr. Gary Deutchman and representatives from National Dance Week at a National Dance Event in 2006

APRIL 20-29 2007 (www.nationaldanceweek.org)

The non-profit National Dance Week (NDW) Organization, which oversees more than 5000 dance events across the United States each year for the annual celebration, has recognized the need for increased awareness and early detection of (IS). NDW has, thus, elected to join in partnership with The Foundation to offer Free Screening Brochures and other literature to their Delegates, Dance Studios and other affiliated Dance Educators. In conjunction with NDW, Foundation will also be offering a 3 Hour Certification course for NDW Delegates and other Dance educators designed to give the teachers more information about (IS) and the capabilities for identifying it.  To find a course near you, or if you are interested in offering a the 3 hour course to your group, contact 
The SCF directly by email or phone.





The SCF has announced a 2006 initiative to Protect Our Dancers (P.O.D.)

Due to the importance of early screening in the correction and management of Scoliosis, the Foundation has adopted a new initiative to educate and screen those families that are at the most risk for developing the disease.  Many of our advisors agree with a 1986 report out of The New England Journal of Medicine that 24% of dancers studied were afflicted with scoliosis. This compared to a 3% incidence in the general population represents an increased risk of 10 fold . Dr. Gary Deutchman, Founder and CEO of the Foundation believes; ."Educating families who have the most risk, makes the most sense."  

The Scoliosis Care Foundation is actively seeking to participate in Dance Events for 2006 and 2007.  If your group is interested in having the Foundation as a guest or sponsor, please contact us at  1-800-281-5010


Spirit of America Benefit Concert Launches the 
Scoliosis Care Foundation

The Spirit of America benefit concert for the Scoliosis Care Foundation was held on March 30 at Caesars Atlantic City. The concert, which was taped for television, starred Daniel Rodriguez, the New York policeman who has sung at the Olympics and the White House, and featured guest performances by recording artist and Broadway star Linda Eder, 4-time Grammy winner Arturo Sandoval, platinum recording artist Phoebe Snow, opera soprano Aprile Milo and a 40-piece orchestra conducted by composer, arranger and producer Tom Scott.

The concert finale was a tribute to attending 9/11 heroes -- police, firefighters, nurses and teamsters -- who joined Daniel Rodriguez and the other performers onstage to sing America The Beautiful.

Police, firefighters, nurses and teamsters join Daniel Rodriguez and his fellow performers in singing America The Beautiful for the finale of the Spirit of America concert to benefit the Scoliosis Care Foundation.

“We were very pleased that Daniel Rodriguez and his co-stars gave their time to support us at this very special event,” Dr. Deutchman added.

Daniel Rodriguez (center) accepts a certificate of recognition from Scoliosis Care Foundation trustee Rich Nunziata, D.C., CSSP (left) and trustee and founder Gary Deutchman, D.C. (right).

(from left to right) Phoebe Snow, Daniel Rodriguez, Linda Edder and Tom Scott celebrating the launching of the Scoliosis Care Foundation with its founder, Gary Deutchman, D.C.



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