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Current research in the U.S. and Britain is showing that idiopathic scoliosis is a multifaceted disease that compromises all five of the body’s systems: neurological, digestive, hormonal, muscular and osseous (bone). These newer insights about the impact of the disease of scoliosis on a patient recognize that the body’s systems work together in an integrated fashion. When one of the body’s systems suffers a malady it can create problems with one or more of the body’s other systems.

Older 20th century based philosophy about scoliosis treatment considered only the osseous part of the equation, with the focus of treatment being just on stopping skeletal curvature from progressing. The attention was on supporting the spine, while ignoring the body’s four other systems.

Take, for example, bracing, an important component in the non-surgical treatment of idiopathic scoliosis. Its purpose was to keep the curve from progressing while the patient is growing. Studies have shown bracing to be an effective treatment halting the progression of many a scoliosis curve; and that’s great. However, after skeletal growth has concluded and the brace removed, the curvature is expected to return. While bracing has traditionally been used to prevent things from getting any worse, there had not been simultaneous courses of action taken in non-surgical scoliosis treatment to attempt to make things any better.

The new thinking in idiopathic scoliosis research holds that helping patients achieve their own level of optimal health in each of their five body systems can result in more effective non-surgical treatment.

The Scoliosis Care Foundation supports research and non-surgical treatment for idiopathec scoliosis that takes into account all of the body’s systems.

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